Boss Of Me - BOM411
by Mario
Personally, I got a lot of game from movies over the years. Now when I say game I don’t mean the game you spit when you tryin’ to get the number, I mean info that you probably wouldn’t be getting elsewhere. For example, in the movie Hitch starring Will Smith, he gives a client of his the “game” he has been lacking in order to approach the girl he has a crush on. Now out of every piece of advice throughout the movie, one thing really stood out to me, the 80-20 rule. I heard that before but never really understood it until that movie, basically this is how it goes; in a relationship, you will never get the 100% we desire so we go out searching for it in others. But in the end, when you leave the 80% you had in the first place, you end up with only 20%, which makes a lot of sense to me. We tend to complain about the things that we don’t have or we THINK we don’t have so we end up doing something stupid like cheating just to find out if that other person will supply the extra 20%. What I learned from that is to not have unrealistic expectations for your partner, but just do the best you
Simply Just You 01/20/2010
by Larissa
They always say that the simpler the better.   My mother always told me the same thing, that simple is better… you know how you see all this rappers with hot girls in their video all dressed up looking sexy and doing a lot of seductive things to get them or to be in the video. Well if you go and do a little research on them and find out what really life is to them, you’re going to see their wives and their wives are really pretty and simple, there quiet and respectful not like the girls on the videos. For example like Snoop Dogg’s wife, he’s always with all this all these too- much girls and then when you see his show you see him with his wife he’s been with since high school, and she’s so nice and quiet and bossy lol… also when you go home you want someone that simple and nice that you can talk to about anything not someone who asks for too much and is really picky about everything about how you look or how you do it. No you don’t need that. But if you do end up finding someone like that you should talk to them about it and how you feel and what you really want.

by Sheila and Larissa
Nicki Minaj is interviewed upon how she would like to be approached. She comes out to say she would like someone her own sex approach her. She says she would like them to be themselves and act cute , but also says that she wouldn’t really have no one approach her cause of all her big body guards. This is surprising to me, check out the video and tell me what you think about this!
Asking around I got some interesting answers to this question. A lot of the responses were that some guys think that spending time in class or at school is spending intimate time with their girlfriends and think that they shouldn’t hang out away from school because the time spent in school is enough. Sometimes this can be a bad thing because you’re going to make your partner feel un-wanted. Some girls say that this can cause a lot of drama. CAT FIGHTS!!!!
Ray-J Gay? 01/12/2010
by Jasmeen Kelley
    Ray-J is considered Hollywood's ladies man but, now Monica "Danger" Leon from For the Love of Ray -J season 1 is claiming he is gay!!!! Could he really be? Maybe all the reality dating shows, romance ballots and strip club escapades are only half of Ray’s interest. He is definitely not full out gay even if he does have male interest; he loves the ladies making him bi. Monica "Danger" Leon could be a crazed ex girlfriend trying to get back at Ray-J by going to the press to air a spiteful secret. BREAKING NEWS, "Danger" is recanting her story. "Danger" says that she got mad at Ray over private matters so she made up the rumor. This chick is crazy dude!!! What does it matter that Ray-J is or is not Bi? This is now 2010; we live among gay, bi, transsexual and straight people. Why must we point the finger at something so commonly seen? Danger needs a new hobby and a mental evaluation. She claims she loves Ray but, this is an obvious love/hate, unhealthy relationship. These two need BOM in their lives. Not cool Danger, not cool.
Click here to listen to audio interview with Danger!!
SEX APPEAL 01/11/2010
by Sheila
 Sex appeal is immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm.
All the times I heard people talk about sex appeal they spoke on  it like it was a bad thing. Personally, I think is a good thing if you don’t Take it over board. For example, women got to keep it classy otherwise the name will just give it all away. I always thought the name ‘‘sex appeal'' wasn’t an adequate name for it. Some people just seem to stand out more than others. I think swagger is a big part of sex appeal because it's all on how you carry yourself and how you use your physical features. How everything about you combines and makes you different then everybody else.
Some young girls wonder if this is a good or bad thing to add to their character traits.
Sex appeal is often misunderstood I think that it all depends on how you use it. Women like I said have to be really careful on how they act especially around men. Also people may criticize and judge what you do based on your sex appeal. But if you sexy , hey, just don’t get all slutty, because that’s not lady like!