Boss Of Me - BOM411
I was so mad I wanted to hurt him, instead I told him what was he doing wrong. Guess what he did? He went bad on me. So, I asked for an apology. He apologized but decided to be hella out of pocket and ask “would you have a three some with your mom?” I couldn’t take anymore. I got up and told him to get a life and to grow up.

A Cure for HIV? 01/26/2011
by Ricky

This is an interesting story. It would be great if there was a cure to help everyone, but he was cured while being treated for something else. When I really think about this, it is a risky surgery and everyone with HIV cannot undergo this kind of surgery. Here's a video from CNN. What do you think

Why are people attracted to men and women that they can’t, or not supposed to, have? I think that most people have a certain type. Even it’s not a physical type, there’s still a pattern.
The GoodBye Game 01/12/2011
Take a listen and you just might feel like she's telling your story; like she put herself in your shoes and is now singing your feelings. We as WOMEN, LADIES, GIRLS, WIVES, BABYMOTHERS, GIRLFRIENDS, BOYFRIENDS, HUSBANDS, MEN, DUDES, BOYS, etc. put up with so much just to call someone ours.