Boss Of Me - BOM411
by Sheila
I was looking at earlier today and saw, Beyonce and Jay-z were seen at a Dallas Maverick game and they looked like they were having fun. Its good to know that there are really some serious couples that found there true love! Now, all you see in the media is negative gossip on celebrities, is good to finally see a positive one. I think that Jay-z and Beyonce are a good example and role model on what a healthy relationship is. This is a good thing because some teens don’t know how it is to be cared for without violence. They also have a good rep because I never heard of  any drama or gossip of them having problems or anything seen.
by Lanaya
According to, young teenage girls are stepping out of their comfort zones. Allegedly young girls are walking out the house with too little clothes on and exposing more than just their arms and legs. For some reason I don’t understand the enjoyment that these young girls get out of showing their stomach and bare skin. Even when I wear certain clothing that may show a little leg, I still feel like I’m exposing too much. I think that since some girls may feel that they are comfortable in their skin, they think they should do extra to get more attention. 
    These young girls should know that they don’t have to show their bare bottoms just to get attention. You get positive attention by doing things you love to do or do best, whether it’s drawing, dancing, or singing. No young girl should have to be able to expose their selves for attention, being the BOM is all you have to do. Be in control of yourself and don’t let anyone else’s emotions become between your own.
My BOM Valentine 02/24/2010
by Mario
On Saturday at the BOM Valentines day event, I was given the chance to shine once again. It was not the most beautiful day but it wasn’t raining so for me it was all good. It was my turn to go on stage and perform and that I did. I rocked it fasho, but I will admit that I was kind of nervous because that was the first time I have ever performed in front of my co-workers and staff. I mean, not nervous to perform, just nervous to show that side of me. But they ended up loving it and the crowd showed me major love, plus the event had a cool turn-out despite the weather conditions. I’m definitely looking forward to more events like that from BOM in the future.

by Jasmeen
And the winner is Mz. Berry!!! So why is Ray J trying to hook up with Jaguar? Although, For the Love of Ray J 2 reunion show aired February 8th, the show recording had been wrapped for five months. Ray J and Mz. Berry, due to contract agreement were unable to see each other after the end of taping. Contract agreements didn't stop Ray J from the seeing the others girls, Luscious, Platinum and Cocktail. Speaking of Cocktail, winner of For the Love of Ray-J season 1, what ever happened between her and Ray J? Ray J was a bit on the friendly side rooming with other ladies as Cocktail said on the reunion show. She and Ray J were going through a lover’s quarrel right in front of Mz. Berry. The whole seen was just wrong. Mz. Berry is looking for love but, Ray J obliviously can’t give that to her. Ray-J still wants to fly solo, free as a bird. Can you blame him? No. But, you can blame him for misleading the women, most importantly Mz. Berry. Those women were under the guise that Ray J wanted a relationship. And he did. Just with more than one girl. Oh well.
by Deshawn
When I was growing up it seemed like pimping and macking was the thing to do, I use to love watching movies like The Mack and American Pimp, but I now realize those movies and the stuff I learned growing up were all bad influences. According to in a recent interview Pimpin’Ken shows me that more people then myself believe that the things I learned growing up were wrong. For those of you who don’t know who Pimpin’ Ken was, he has been in the pimp game for about 35 years and he is the author of the book: Pimpology: 48 rules of the Game and has been in the game with players like Don Juan, Otis Roberson and etc… In the article Pimpin’ Ken talks about how putting girls on the street to make money is not the real pimp game anymore. He says that now it’s all about pimping the rap game and anything else you can do to touch some real money that’s not illegal. Me myself I agree with pimping Ken because the game is not structured anymore like it use to be, and when I say “the game” I am talking about the pimp game, the dope game and etc. The reason I say its not structured is because back in the day everybody played their position, like if you was the boss you was the boss and if you was the right hand man that’s what you were and you accepted your position. Nowadays everybody wants to be the boss and they are killing people for there position. on top of that everybody is snitching these days, and the same way somebody will kill you for your position somebody will snitch on you for your position. The way I see it if you are to much involved with illegal activity it is only a matter of time before somebody kills you or snitches on you, and that is why I agree with pimping ken that its best to pimp in a way that is not illegal.
by Monica Anderson
Check out this quote that we got from the 
California Department of Public Health, Violence Prevention Unit. 
about what Vice President Joe Biden, author of the landmark 1994 

Violence Against Women Act, said about Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month:
"After fifteen years of working to end domestic violence, we have learned
that teens are not immune from abuse in relationships.  Teen dating violence
is all too common, and ends up leading to vicious and unhealthy cycles for
years to come. Our responsibility - as parents, teachers, mentors, and
community leaders - is to guide our young people towards respectful
relationships free from harassment and abuse; teach them that it's ok to
walk away from a bad situation; and encourage them to speak out when they
see a friend in trouble.  In many communities, teens themselves are leading
the way in organizing their schools and communities to stand against
violence. I commend them."