Boss Of Me - BOM411
By Kika Eller

What is it about a “bad boy” that makes girls
interested? Is it that we like a get-away boy?
Someone who lives life on the

by Davina

February 1st until February 29th marks teen dating
violence awareness month. Some teens express there feelings to their partners in
different ways. In this case some teens use violence to express their feelings. 

G-Day 03/08/2012
by Davina
Friday 17, 2012 was a day mapped out
for girls, young ladies, old ladies, LADIES in general. This day was labeled as
g-day ( GIRL DAY ). We also promoted teen dating violence awareness month.

By Kika
What pushes a relationship to the point of being physically abusive? Is it the type of person or is there just a point of anger when a person loses all control of themselves? I don’t think there is a simple answer to this question.
Untitled Poem 03/07/2012
Poetry by BOM Ambassador Davina
Poetry By Kika Eller
But your company cradled me when my world was struck with lightning.
Your hands seemed permanent.
...but that was my fault for being gullible,
Like you think I am.

Poetry By Kika Eller