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by Mario on 06.28.2010

I just read this article inside the Washington Post called “Text messages become a growing weapon in dating violence” basically it was compiled stories of young people across the U.S. about the impact of texting in a relationship. I was shocked because of this one girl’s story, she said after she broke up with her boyfriend he kept calling so she started to ignore his calls. In a rage he then sent her 758 text messages in one night, wow. The messages contained over a million emotions ranging from “baby can u please answer your phone” to “I’m the only one u will ever need in life.”

Now to me this is definitely harassment, and could potentially be illegal. In the article the term “textual harassment” came up which at first seemed funny to me, but after finishing the article I had a better understanding of it. The reason it is even an issue is because everyone knows that you can reject or ignore a call but a text message is loud and clear. Especially in this digital age where communication is rapid, people want to get their point across quickly which is why text messaging is convenient, but when those texts become raw emotion then we have a problem.
by Monica
            For those who don’t know SB1300 is the Teen Dating Violence (TDV) Prevention Education Act.  The legislators who introduced this act want to combine TDV prevention education with sexual health education in California high schools. This will likely have a chilling effect among many school districts and result in a decrease in the number of schools that elect to provide TDV prevention education, as many schools opt out of providing sexual health education because of moral objections and federal funding concerns. I feel VERY frustrated with this legislation because like they said, it will decrease in the election for schools to teach TDV prevention education. It’s a problem because a lot of teens just have sex with no relations and some have relations, but no sex. It would be ridiculous to put them together because each is not relevant to each other all the way. Teachers aren’t going to want to teach both and to teach nothing at all is not a great idea either.
Stop Block’n! 06/21/2010
by Eyama
     Have you ever been in a relationship with someone, and then you break it off with them for good, and they stay on your tab or just stay in your business?  Well my friend Tiffany could answer that question, because she told me a story about something very similar.

     Tiffany and John had been going out for about 3 months, but after going back and forth with their domestic violence problems, Tiffany broke it off! After things settled with Tiffany and she got some B.O.M in her life, she went searching for new love.  Tiffany told me her new man “treats her good,” and she was really happy.  She said his name was Kris.
by Sheila
Word on the net Is that T.I cheated on Tiny with reality star Hoopz  of Flavor of Love fame. You remember her? She was season one’s winner  on the famous rap star Flavor Flav’s reality show looking for love. Now she’s being a home wrecker. T.I was interviewed about this and had nothing to say but “naw”. Hoopz also says absolutely not, she does admit that there was a TINY altercation at Nelly’s party at the club in Atlanta (Fox Sports Grill) between Hoopz, T.I and Tiny. She said her and T.I were in the back just kickin’ it then Tiny came and grabbed him off her. If this is true I think he’s scandalous, Tiny stood by his side the whole time while he was in jail. Everyone saw how sad and lonely  was on her reality show Tiny & Toya show when T.I was incarcerated. Dang ,seems like Hoopz has a lot on her plate right now, it is said she has beef with Wendy Williams because she always talking about her  saying that she is now messing with everybody in the industry.
by Amber
Jack and Jill are in high school, their both very much in love but they deal with the constant rumors and fellow classmates judging their relationship by what they see. Even though both partners are sure of their feelings for one another, the constant buzz and numerous personalities put a strain on the relationship. Both may start to question how they feel, or how there partner really feels. If the couple never communicates their ideas and perception both never know where they stand in the relationship.
by Monai Parker 
At a well known all boys private school in Maryland, there are young teenage boys who target young women as a prey. Whoever gets the most sexual activities accomplished with a freshman girl depends on how many points and how much money you can get. The girls are put on a list and drafted by the boys, their statistics being height, weight, and bra size. The girls don’t even know about it, they think that these guys are their friends. That’s the impression they give off but when they turn their backs, it’s a game. During their summer school year, three freshman boys were caught and suspended for planning a sexual fantasy party. I think that the boys should have been kicked out of the school. I think that they didn't get kicked out of the school because the school's tuition is as high as $28,800. It seems to me that these boys from Landon school are used to partying and getting away with it because they can and their school is rich.

by Mario on 06.08.2010

Most people in the world have a tendency to want to protect themselves, which is a big reason behind commitment issues. But what we must understand is that you can never have or fall in true love with someone without being able to be vulnerable in the relationship. Vulnerability and trust go hand-in-hand, in order to get to know someone you have to build trust within them, which leads to vulnerability because you are unsure if that person feels the same way as you do. The crazy thing about commitment issues is that we don’t look at them as that, we always seem to blame the other person for not living up to our expectations. It’s a mindset that we have to work towards getting out of. Love is a scary thing, if you feel like you are beginning to fall in love with someone the best thing to do is just let them know how you feel about them and not keep things hidden inside of you. And if you feel like the relationship is getting too deep too fast let them know as well. I think being dishonest about the way you feel is a form of control because when you do that you are robbing them of their fair choice and leading them on. Let me know what you think about commitment issues.             
by Jasmeen
So as you all know social networking has taken over the globe. From Facebook and Twitter to AIM and MySpace, it seems as if everyone is connected coupled with the fact that it seems as if everyone has an alter ego when it comes to these social sites. For example, have you ever seen a person with so much Facebook activity but, little going on in their actual day to day life? People put their whole life story and purpose on these social media outlets. I mean you can read about someone’s friend drama or even the randomness of what they wanted for dinner two nights ago. In turn, this same kind of exposure can lead to relationship drama. For instance a boy has a friend, who is a girl that is sort of flirty with him, constantly comments on pics, and post on his wall. Consequently the boy has a girlfriend who goes to his page sees the excessive comments and flips on her boyfriend for his continued passive flirting with his friend that happens to be a girl. This here is the exact sort of drama that some people must deal with. Tell us some of your horror social sites stories. How did you deal with the drama? Leave your comments below and check out the next blog!!