Boss Of Me - BOM411
Behind the BOM 08/02/2008
By Elaina
Making ad campaign is harder than it looks. With the casting, taking pictures, coming up with a storyline and then editing it takes team effort. Apparently it is one of those things you must do in order to fully appreciate it.

The peer health advocates learned that first hand when they created they billboard ad campaign. Finding willing individuals was a task in itself. Our pictures were taken by one of our in-house photographers. It helped make the surroundings feel freer to act out situations that helped us achieve our goals. With the photo shoot completed, now came the hard part. First we had to review every photo, narrow down to our favorites and finally come up with the storyline to go with the photo. Let me remind you WE ARE TEENAGERS. So this process did not go over as smoothly as possible.

We got distracted sometimes... well maybe we got off topic a lot. After looking at a huge group of pictures we could not help but laugh at some of the expressions that were shown. Overall it took us about two weeks to do the whole process. We dedicated our afternoons to create the best ad campaign we could imagine up. I mean who knows teens more than a group of teens!