Boss Of Me - BOM411
By Elaina
BOM went to Sacramento for violence against women forum. Can you say excited! We got to stay in a Hilton hotel, participate in a panel discussion, eat in downtown Sacramento, and best of all SHOPPING!!

The forum in Sacramento was very informational. It was refreshing to hear adults curious about what teens respond to and hear then admitting that they had no idea how to create content for the youth. The people attending the forum were surprised by the knowledge we possessed on the subject of dating violence.

The forum lasted two days so that gave us time to be able to go and explore Sacramento. We went to old Sacramento for dinner and to explore the state capitol a little. The second day we attended morning panels and then took a break to go shopping. No matter what, we are still teens and shopping will always be a high in our priorities.

The second day afternoon panels revolved around our specialty media issues and social media networking. We were able to give our opinions on pressing subjects like the Chris Brown situation and pressing concerns with the currently growing social media networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

Overall the trip was a success. We were able to show people what BOM Ambassadors were capable of and what we had to offer. We realize that with age comes experience and that even though we are models for teens we need advice from people who have had more time to look at different perspectives of the situation.