Boss Of Me - BOM411
by Monai
Have you heard that new song by Jazmine Sullivan called “Circles”? What do you think the meaning of this song is? To me, it sounds like she is in a relationship with a man who keeps on repeating the same things as he has done before but she does not want to leave because she believes that he will do right the next time around, and she wonders why he keeps on doing her wrong when she’s supporting him and holding him down and continues to stick by his side. It’s just like the cycle of violence.

First, there is the tension building where you feel like you and that person are not communicating as well as before. Secondly, an incident happens, and it doesn’t matter if it is physical abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. Thirdly, there is the making up where the person promises that it will never happen again and that they will do right and lastly there is when you are calm and everything may seem perfectly fine but it’s not, and that’s when it starts over. People never think about leaving the other person, like that’s not an option, but it is. Instead of going through this cycle over and over, you can just leave because you can find somebody better who will treat you how you deserve to be treated.
by Eyama

Rhianna and Eminem did a really good song together called “I Love the way You Lie.” It’s a song that both artist could relate to in a sense. Rhianna who just got out of a very sticky relationship with Chris, is featured on Eminem's new work. Rhianna herself just stepped out of an abusive relationship with Chris Brown, and the singer/model took her experience out of that to sing a powerful course to Eminem’s record. Eminem himself asked Rhianna to do the song, just by knowing her prior experience he felt like she would be the perfect artist for the song. Eminem and his wife Kim were in the media all the time for their relationship problems. Both artist know all about domestic violence whether being the victim or the abuser. So the song “I Love the way You Lie” tell a story about how an unhealthy relationship can be very hard to deal with. Eminem’s lyrics show more of the male perspective about being confused and in love at the same time, it’s also about how it would be crazy to keep going on in the same unhealthy relationship. Eminem uses lyrics like “Next time you'll show restraint, you don't get another chance,
Two Up 08/18/2010
by Jasmeen on 08.18.2010

Two Up, Two Down
“All that bullshit's for the birds
You ain't nothin' but a vulture
Always hopin' for the worst
Waitin' for me to fuck up
You'll regret the day when I find another girl, yeah
Who knows just what I need, she knows just what I mean
When I tell her keep it drama free”

Deuces!! This song describes a guy who is fed up with his girlfriend, he feels as if he’s the only one trying to make it work and he’s done with the relationship, deuces! The song entails a guy finding another girl who is drama free and gives him what he needs. I absolutely love this song because it’s so relatable. When in drama filled relationship I’m all down for getting yourself out of a stressful situation. However the one part of the song that irks me is in the end of verse 3.
by Mario

The most exciting part of most relationships is the first month. Late night phone conversations, early morning texts, seeing each other all the time and finding out things you have in common. Then after a while the fun starts to fade. I think it’s because we don’t know how pace ourselves and take it slows in relationships, instead, everything is a race. This is unhealthy and leads to bad relationships because people feel like they’ve done everything that can be done in a relationship after only being together a little while. I’m here to tell you, as a BOM Ambassador, that there’s definitely more to a relationship than the physical aspect. When people first meet someone I believe sex is one of the first things on their mind. Now, if that’s all you expect from a relationship, good luck finding true love.