Boss Of Me - BOM411
By Mario Hammond
Today, the B.O.M Ambassadors hit the streets in order to further promote the B.O.M Beats and Lyrics Contest. My partner Monica and I were scheduled to go hit up Bayfair Mall in San Leandro to pass out flyers, put up posters, and hopefully take pictures with people holding a “I am The B.O.M” sign. Now at first, things weren’t going as well as we planned. I saw people take a quick glance at the flyer and throw it on the ground; the managers in the store were rude because most of them thought we were trying to sell them something or ask for money. But as time went on things got a lot better, we came across B.E.T.A or Bayfair Employment Training Academy and the people there were so interested in what we had to show them, they offered me a chance to do a presentation on Youth Radio and the B.O.M Ambassadors. I was nervous at first, but they were so receptive to us, I couldn’t be shy anymore. So everything worked out perfectly and I actually had fun. So the moral of this story is; a “Normal” day at Youth Radio is full of surprises!!!
By Shakiyla WIlliams
Who every  knew outreach could be so fun. We split up in groups yesterday to spread the word about the beats and lyrics contest. so me and tiara went to Berkeley and as we were exiting the Bart train we notice that school had just let out. so when we got up stairs we started to pass out flyers like it was money we put flyers on cars in side the yogurt place and even at the bagel shop. It was a really fun experience just seeing the facial expression on young people faces. We passed out about 300 flyers and we only say about 25 on the ground so if you ask me we did well.
By Elaina Amos
Is Happily Ever After really only in Disney fairytales? During our Monday meeting the topic of fairytales came up and boy oh boy it caused a mess. It seems like most people do not believe in happily ever after. The world has become so cold and corrupted that it is harmful for little kids to watch fairytales! This I cannot believe.  As the conversation progress I saw fairytales in a whole new light. It is believed that fairytales make kids believe someone will save them from their terrible world, especially for little girls. Growing up in a certain neighborhood does not allow you to know about anything but the harsh reality. Fairytales have their ups and down but it is one of the most magical things a child can have at a young age.  I always saw them as being motivation to never settle or give up hope, with a little support from people who love you can do anything you dream of.  Ugh! When did this stuff become so complicated? As I age I have realized that the world is not all sunshine and rainbows and that the movies I watch as a child were just a portion of the rollercoaster a person’s life goes on.  “ Happily Ever After” does not always include princes and huge castles, sometimes it a little more compact and does not shine. For me it is attending college in the fall. I know there are no fairy godmother’s that are going to come and grant my wishes. I realized a long time ago that if I do not like where I am then I must move. Hope and faith is that force that pushes you need to climb from the lowest point to reach the top.  I am happy, that is the main point right? “Happy Ever After” may be worded wrong because people believe that no one has a perfect life just because they find love. That reminds me of the real reason I love fairytales even now. They take you from your reality even for two hours. You see love at first sight and people’s lives changing dramatically. You live in your reality everyday you know all the good and bad things about it, taking a trip into Never-Neverland (hyperlink to  for a minute will not weaken you in the real world, just allow you to see another side. My mother always told me that her happy ending was having me and my little sister. No matter what went wrong in her world as long as she had us she could make it through.  My closing point is that you create your own fairytales. You are living a full life and not 2 hours of it so you will experience the behind the scenes drama and turmoil but hey life is a rollercoaster so strap up and enjoy the ride.
By Ti'Ara Williams
Everybody needs a friend especially when you're having problems within your relationship. Unlike me I have a whole BOM campaign beside me. I always think I have the BEST friends. Being able to work with and being able to have a great friendship is the best of both words. The BOM campaign has the best people that any one can wish for. When ever I have trouble, or just want to talk, or just need a shoulder to lean on or ever just nee a little push they are always there for me. I never really knew that I can have a bunch of people that will always be there besides my family. Throughout this whole campaign I have been having a lot of ups and downs and they always manage to turn my attitude around. I just thank them dearly that I can always count on them and want to let them know that I will always be here for them and that I love them always.
By Shakiyla Williams
Finally what feels like forever we have launched our website, Friday August 21, 2009 was the day that all the sweat and tears have paid off. About 2pm that day you have the whole health department up on the 3rd floor which is 54 stairs away from the first floor you had every one all dressed up in their “church clothes” which my grandma would say. Around 4:30 is when all the bubbles in my tummy started to float around and I was kind of scared and did not want to stand in front of a whole audience of people who actually came to and my co workers successful job.

So when it was our turn to speak we all went up there together like the family we are and the audience went wild. At that moment we all took a deep breathy and exhaled all the fright we had on the inside of us and we were up there for no more then 15 minutes and we carried our self very well and we made our department look very professional. When it was over say around 6pm is when all the hugs and tears of excitement came and I was very proud of myself and my co workers for all the work we did. When every one departed from youth radio every one went out to celebrate. Some other B.O.M ambassadors and I went out to eat and we went shopping because that day had us feeling like a big weight had been lifted off of our backs.

By Mario Hammond
Today I’m preparing to shoot the latest episode of “This Just In”. This episode is about the Chris Brown and Oprah beef. I saw Oprah on the David Letterman Show discussing why she feels so strongly about the Chris Brown – Rihanna situation and I guess Chris Brown was deploy hurt by this and figured she would be on his side no matter what but as we can see, not always. I understand where she’s coming from which is why I jumped at the opportunity to host this episode. Be sure to check it out A.S.A.P!!!!!