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Come Correct 09/27/2011
by Ricky

It’s very important to come correct to anyone, both to people you don’t know and know. Respect is very serious, we as people need to respect each other. There are plenty of ways to come correct and not come correct. And people know that to get respect we have to give it.

by Lanaya

Sometimes when you’re in the moment of a heated argument or dispute, you don’t really think about what you’re saying or how the other person is feeling while you’re saying how you feel. Recently, in Bowie, Maryland at Bowie State University, a young lady was stabbed and killed by her fellow roommate. According to, the dispute was over the volume of the victim’s music. Supposedly her roommate came into the room and turned her music off and left, but the victim turned the music back on, not knowing that cutting it back on would take her life. The girl came back to the room and started fighting the victim, and grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed her in the neck. Forty-Five minutes later the life of the victim had been gone.