Boss Of Me - BOM411
By Ti'Ara
Friday October 9, 2009 was the first annual BOM beats and lyrics event. Preparing for this event was lots of fun; we passed out a lot of flyers to teen all around the Bay Area to encourage teens to come to our event. During these days we were counting down, arriving there was crazy because the place is so big and we didn’t know which side to be on. So for about 30 minutes we were on the wrong side and then we later found out that we had to go all the way around getting in.
Once inside we walked up two sets of stairs and walked by all the class rooms and walked down another two sets of stairs. Walking through the double doors, we saw black floors, black stage, black curtains, and black chairs. Taking a seat I began to visualize the event taking place and all of the people that attended. As time passed I began to see all of our decorations on the wall and all the people coming in and being friendly and taking pictures with the BOM sign. The event was overall the best thing I’ve been to. I’ve never saw so many happy people in one place and having so much fun. About time the event started it was over, having fun sure do make time fly. This was one of the best events BOM has ever had.
By Lanaya
I’m now an official BOM Ambassador. So far since I have been here, all the original BOM Ambassadors have welcomed me with open arms. I have been enjoying myself a lot. At first when I found out I was being a Health Advocate, I was satisfied and really didn’t know what I was getting into. But because of my wonderful co-workers, they have taught me that it is more than a job, but it is a community thing. I have really been coming to enjoy the fact that I’m part of a community where my opinion really counts. Recently, we had an event based on the contest called, Beats and Lyrics. The contest is about putting your own beat and meaning to what it means to be the BOM. The event turned out to be great and I really enjoyed my time. We had so many people there who showed all types of support. Now that I look back at it I feel that I have become closer with the BOM Ambassador family. I hope it can be like this forever.
By Lucia Sekoff
Recently NPR (National Public Radio) spoke about teen dating violence in relationships and what they felt helpful for prevention.  They mentioned that Schools around the country are now providing programs to educate teens on such violence. A statistic was read, “1 in 10 adolescents report an experience with physical violence from a dating partner. If other forms of abusive violence are included — from being threatened or emotionally harassed, to name-calling and insults — that number goes way up.” Then the story went on to tell of programs that are working there best to lower this alarming amount.
A professor of psychology and psychiatry at University of Toronto Dave Wolfe explains that several factors influence violence in teen relationships.  He marks the media as one cause with its celebration of violence. People are drawn to violence as a form of entertainment he feels, he says on YouTube videos are constantly popping up and also television and T.V. shows which sensationalize such actions.  Wolfe also remarks that it is not the families fault such teen abuse occurs.
While these points are valid in some scenarios.  Many girls do not play video games so what calls for there high rates of abuse in relationships?   Wolfe believes girls may react feeling as though that’s what guys like or because they are honest but this has not been proven.
The piece also explains that Wolfe has set up interactive programs allowing students to role play and depict things like sexuality, drugs, and violence which they will most likely have to face at some point.  The hope is it will get teens comfortable with dialogue on teen dating violence and able to assert there feelings rather than act passively or aggressively.
All of this is very important however it’s a shame that they failed to point out any teenagers working to prevent teen dating violence.  While Wolfe’s program seems to have been pretty successful it may have been better had a teenage voice had some say.  After all, we know what we are exposed to best and although adults were teenagers at one point it is youth who truly understand how it feels to be young today and how teen dating violence affects them and their peers.
Overall the piece was well done and they mentioned many teen dating violence programs brought up by adults still, we wish they had mentioned programs by teenagers for teenagers; like BOM411!
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