Boss Of Me - BOM411
by Larissa
How many of you girls connected to Jazmine Sullivan’s music? Do you feel like she’s talking about your situation or relationship? I know I do. You’ve probably heard “ Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles),” but you should also listen to “Ten Seconds.” They are really catchy because most of these girls can connect to them. The first song “Holding You Down” is more about the cycles she goes through with her boyfriend. She’s always by his side holding him down and he doesn’t care about her or how she feels about him. Although she tries to leave, she keeps going back to him. He does her wrong but she always ends up missing him. I feel like this song refers to a lot of young girls because they get stuck in relationship and can’t leave and that's how most abusive relationships start.
by David
What is going on with these R&B singers? First it was Ike and Tina, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, then Chris brown and Rihanna, now Mario and his mom? The singer Mario was arrested and charged with second-degree assault for fighting his moms!

There have been reports about his moms being a heroin addict, which is not good at all. Apparently she’s using his debit card to fund the addiction, which is just out of pocket.

I feel like what his moms did is sad. Drugs can make people do scandalous acts, however Mario should have handled the situation more calmly. It must be frustrating when you see someone you love killing them self. It’s probably worse when you feel like you’re paying for the whole thing, but he should’ve resolved the situation without physical conflict. Now he’s in the limelight as another black entertainer going to jail for domestic violence. I feel like it’s a tough thing to try to help an addict, but when a person is addicted to drugs ultimately it’s up to them if they want to get help.

My advice to Mario or anyone who is going through a similar situation is to talk to that person. Let them know you’re there for them, but try not to give them money or anything of value to where you’re supplying their habit. If it gets to the point where you feel like getting violent, remove yourself from the scene. You have to distance yourself from the other person because it’s not worth losing your freedom or physically injuring someone you really care about. Please try to control your actions. Yes, love can hurt emotionally but it doesn’t have to hurt physically.
by Lizzie
Have you ever had someone call you too many times or called someone too many times? Could that push someone away from wanting to be with you? Recently, Bay Area R&B artist, Netta Brielle released “Pushing Away.” In the song she tells how when she’s with the man she loves how she feels so good, but when they’re not together it feels like he pushes away from her. Throughout the song she explains how she doesn’t want to force him to be with her, but she’s so in love with him and just wants to be with him. After watching the music video you’re able to see how she devotes a lot of her time to calling him or waiting on a phone call from him. Really, she’s supposed to be handling her business and hanging out with her girlfriends.

by Ricky

Erk Tha Jerk just came out with his new CD Nerd's Eye View and today I got a chance to listen to this song called "How Do You Love Me," that's on the album. I feel that this is a pretty good song. 

The second verse is dedicated to his daughter and since this month we are discussing "family" in BOM, it seems like a good fit. He starts off saying that he knows that she is only a child and may not understand because she is very young, but he needs to say these things anyway. He lets his daughter know that he loves her and tells his baby girl that he has made mistakes in life. I feel he said this because he wants her to make fewer mistakes than he did. He also talks about how the relationship with her mom did not work out. I think he feels bad that the relationship did not last long but he explains to his daughter that it is not her fault. He tells her that he wanted a good family with his daughter and his wife/girlfriend, but things just were'nt right. 

He said that he wrote this song to erase the wrong things he did in his life. I feel that he is releasing his tension and guilt that he has been holding on to. He lets his family know that he understand how much he has hurt them. Coming from his side, I  think that he is reminiscing about the wrong things he has done in his life and what he went through, and apologizing so he can move pass it.

What do you think?