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by Staff

In the past we've had BOM Ambassadors comment on songs by Jazmin Sullivan. Her first single "Holding You Down," talked about relationship cycles. Her second single "10 Seconds" is about finally breaking the cycle. But the official video has raised a few questions around the office. Let us know what you think.

There’s nothing else someone can do to you. You have to pray and stay strong and know that after being put down and hitting rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. And while, opera music may be boring to a majority of the kids our age, "La Donna in Viola" is a great song.

I think the writers decided to show a healthy relationship in the midst of all unhealthy ones to show to give a sense of hope. It also showed that all women still deserve to be respected in every way. In most popular movies, there aren’t any healthy relationships.

By Kevin

Today I went to to check some articles for their new campaign A Thin Line , and I saw a documentary on sexting in America. It was shocking to see that everyone from teens to celebrities all ages can be caught by texting. The documentary talks about how sexting is illegal and how you can get charged with child pornography and even have to be registered as a sex offender for forwarding. Also they talk about harassment toward the victims and how it impacts them It's sad know that there are teens that have committed suicide as result of the harassment and teasing. 

If you have a chance check out the video. Whether or not you watch it, think before you send that picture to your “LOVED ONE.”  You never know if they will forward it or worse putting it all over the internet.

by Kevin

So today I was checking out a website called National Runaway Switcboard. It talks about teen runaways and why some peopled decided to leave home. Did you know that 1.6 to 2.8 million children run away each year? Shocking right? But this website is a helpful resource for youth who are thinking about running away. It’s also for teachers to pass information to students. The site also promotes safe places where you can go relax and talk to people that are willing to listen. I noticed that there’s help everywhere. There are even hotlines where can ask for help when you don’t know what else to do. This site really open my eyes to runaway youth and made me see things in a new perspective. One of the staff members here at BOM showed me this video. Definitely fits.

by Tiara

Friday November 5th Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls,” hits theaters. The movie is based on Ntozake Shange's play "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf." I think everyone should go see this movie. It just might change your view of relationships. You never know what someone is going through or how they feel until you take a walk in their shoes. And that is what this movie shows you. The characters are so strong that you feel like you're in their relationship. You feel the pain, hurt, and abuse they experience. This movie really touched me because I’ve heard several stories about unhealthy relationships, but I have never been put inside someone’s shoes. This movie relates to BOM because it showcases the types of relationships we want people to avoid and has examples of what is healthy.

The movie stars Kimberly Elise (Lady in Brown), Janet Jackson (Lady in Red),Loretta Devine (Lady in Green), Thandie Newton (Lady in Orange), Anika Noni Rose (Lady in Yellow), Kerry Washington (Lady in Blue), Tessa Thompson (Lady in Purple), Phylicia Rashad, Whoopi Goldberg, Macy Gray, Michael Ealy, Omari Hardwick, Richard Lawson, Hill Harper, and Khalil Kain. A long list of really good performers. I hope everyone will have the chance to check out “For Colored Girls”, November 5th, 2010. will have coverage on the movie, so fill free to check us out and leave your comments. Until then, check out the trailer and tell us what you think.

Breaking up is never easy, especially when it’s not on a common ground. After hearing the song “Deuces (Remix)”, I am reminded how harsh it can be at times. The song features big name rappers such as Drake, Kanye, T.I, Fabulous, and Andre 3000 who all share their different thoughts and experiences about exes and current affairs. This song covers almost every aspect of an unhealthy relationship: jealousy, the “he say”, “she say”, drama, friends interfering and even being dumped via email. All of these issues make relationships fizzle and end on bad terms.

In my opinion Drake had the best verse. His metaphorical style mixed with his harmonic voice explained wanting to stay in a relationship because of intimacy and physical attraction, even though they didn’t get along. It’s like that in most relationships when you’re young and fascinated by the way a person looks their swag. When you get past the infatuation stage, you find out that you can’t even stand to be around that person.

Andre 3000 came with his lyrical genius and I had to respect it. Our generation has many ways of communicating including texting, calling, and using AIM, Facebook, email, or Twitter. However, when you are trying to end a relationship with a person, it’s better to just do it face to face. “A farewell email” is not smooth. That’s middle school. At least have the courtesy to look someone in their eyes and let them know you’ve made a decision to break it off. Ending a relationship digitally shows that you have no respect for the person’s feelings.

It’s obvious that Kanye had no sympathy for how his ex felt. His verse was just ruthless, however it did go. He felt like the female thought she was the “s**t”, he felt like she was a “B.” The clear connection to his personal made his rhyme more powerful. I’m not saying it’s ever acceptable to call females “B” or get vulgar at any point in the relationship, but Kanye has never been a soft-spoken artist. The funniest part of his verse was when he said “I hate you but I love your moms.”

Overall this is one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a while. If you can’t work it out with someone, don’t settle. Cut your losses. There’s no need to dwell on the past and be bitter. Move on if you’re spending more time trying to repair the relationship than building it up, let it go. Chuck up the deuces and keep it lit.