Boss Of Me - BOM411
As I was watching I couldn’t tell if he was really doing the grown man or if it was just great acting. The video has caused a lot of buzz around the music industry and Devaugh has not admitted to whether they were really having sex or not.


I’m Doing Me 12/16/2010
She is single and loving herself and putting herself first now and done crying over a dude that didn't treat her right. I think this happens a lot after relationships end, the person who is hurt just takes time to focus on them. For Fantasia, she's done catering to dudes
by Calvin

Have you heard that song by Mariah Carey "We Belong Together?" It's not new or anything, but it's kinda cool. In the song she talks about how she left this guy and ended the relationship, but now she really misses him. She wishes she never made the mistake of leaving him and says they also belong together.

Getting tested is a part of a healthy relationship.
Does it really make it ok? Dream’s song Make-up Bag to me just shows a sign of disrespect to women and men. It's saying that whether you cheated, abused, disrespected, put down, degraded, etc. your partner, just buy your partner a gift and it will be ok.
While in a sexual relationship it is always good to use condoms. Many people are ready to just “knock the boots”, and it's crazy that a lot of people have excuses not to were protection [It’s too tight, it makes me lose feeling, I’ m allergic, It’s against my religion], even some not to get tested for HIV or other STDs [I’ve only been with you, I went already, I haven’t had any symptoms, I’m not gay.]


National AIDS awareness month always give us teens the chance to talk about how we feel about AIDS, what we see, and the changes that we need to make. HIV/AIDS is a growing   epidimic that is not only impacting African-Americans, but our nation.