by Monai Parker 
At a well known all boys private school in Maryland, there are young teenage boys who target young women as a prey. Whoever gets the most sexual activities accomplished with a freshman girl depends on how many points and how much money you can get. The girls are put on a list and drafted by the boys, their statistics being height, weight, and bra size. The girls don’t even know about it, they think that these guys are their friends. That’s the impression they give off but when they turn their backs, it’s a game. During their summer school year, three freshman boys were caught and suspended for planning a sexual fantasy party. I think that the boys should have been kicked out of the school. I think that they didn't get kicked out of the school because the school's tuition is as high as $28,800. It seems to me that these boys from Landon school are used to partying and getting away with it because they can and their school is rich.
A Landon graduate by the name of George Huguely was accused of killing a girl who he had been in a past relationship with, by the name of Yeardley Love at the University of Virginia earlier this year. The connections between these two incidents are that they both have a violent nature of physical and emotional abuse.  These young men at this school need to be taught that this is very unacceptable, and that you don’t treat women or anybody like this because it can lead to them hurting people, or worse, people hurting themelves. Don’t you see where George Hugsely's case ended up. This is an important example of what can happen if we don’t stop this now! No one seems to be doing anything about it. All we can do is keep trying to make young people realize that this is an important issue, and if nothing is done about it, then young men will keep this pattern going and think that this is an acceptable way to treat women.


Hopkins Kris
11/03/2010 11:25

thats all wrong first if u a man you should be looking for a girl to spend yo life with
not to pray on second wat goes around comes around

11/11/2012 23:37

This situation is seen not only in Landon School, but also throughout the world. This is the way of sexuality fate. And nothing can be done about it.


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