by: Melody O.

What was the message you got from Rihanna’s new single ‘Man Down’? The message she sent to me was she’s a strong woman, don’t mess with her. Whether that was the statement she wanted to make, that’s what I got from it. If you haven’t seen the video, Rihanna gets raped and shoots the guy who did it. Some think she’s sending the wrong message, that she’s promoting violence and revenge.

Okay, so when someone hits you, you hit them back to get even right? Let’s see, if you’re in school, you’re supposed to tell the teacher. When you’re on the streets, you’re supposed to have pride. And when you’re a relationship, you’re supposed to… what are you supposed to do?

When you hit someone back, you feel better (in the moment anyways). You feel better now because you hit them back, they have the same experience now and they should understand. If you don’t hit them back and choose to tell someone in a position of authority, you simple just want them to know what they did was wrong. You want them to understand without having to use violence yourself, but still want them to be punished for hurting you. However, many people believe that if you ignore the person hitting you, the person will most likely do it again, until they are tired of hitting you or until you finally do react.

So when people hit back, or tell someone and you got even, you problem solved right? Yet, when you ignore it, how do you let it go?  When you’re in a relationship, revenge is never a good idea. If your significant other cheats on you, cheating on them doesn’t fix your relationship. My advice is to either break up or forgive them. If you decide to cheat back, it actually affects you more than it affects them. You're saying it’s okay to cheat, even though being cheated on hurt you. When you say doing the wrong thing is right because someone did it to you first, the lines of right and wrong get mixed up. You did the same hurtful things to each other, so how could one be okay and not the other?

So by Rihanna shooting the man in the video, is she saying it’s okay to kill when you get raped? No, everything is mixed and it’s not quite that simple. What’s right and wrong are criss-crossing because it’s all about revenge and getting even. Revenge doesn’t know what’s good and bad, it’s trying to hurt others so you feel better about being hurt.

Some places the police won’t really do much about rape cases, other times it’s hard to prove someone did it. When you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of and feel like you’re alone, you want others to know what it’s like.

So what do you do… ?


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