By: Melody

People like love songs because they are easy to relate too. This is why artist like to sing about love and heartbreak. They’ll say things like, “I can’t breath unless you’re next to me” or “I’ll die if without your love”. Love can really be a life and death matter, but only Rihanna will repeatedly sing about guns and love.

I remember one of the first songs I heard from Rihanna was 'Unfaithful'. She said "I might as well take a gun and put it to his head, get it over with". She told us she was a cheater and knew it was wrong. She loved him and felt guilty for hurting him. This single came out in 2006, when she was just rising to her current level of fame. And the image you come into mainstream with is the one you will be held to. Was “Unfaithful” the beginning of Rihanna’s bad girl image? Still no one really knew or for the most part cared about who Rihanna was in her personal life, she was just this girl who made good music.

It wasn’t until she dated Chris Brown and the physical abuse existing in their relationship became extremely public. At that point, people started interpreting her music differently, connecting it to her personal life and often criticizing her for her songs’ overall messages. Even though the song “Unfaithful” was about cheating, no one questioned who she was talking about or if it was based on her personal experiences. Yet, I think if she was to put it out now, it would get a totally different response.

In one of her singles, “Russian Roulette” she says “...said I’m terrified, but I’m not leaving. I know that I must pass this test. So just pull the trigger...” again using the metaphor of a gun to describe pain from a relationship. This time she doesn’t have the control. She’s in a an unhealthy relationship that’s killing her, but she’s staying.

Then when it comes to her more recent single ‘Man Down’ she has the gun and describes actually shooting and killing a man who raped her. “And I took his heart when, I pulled out that gun … Oh mama mama mama. I just shot a man down”

Rihanna doesn’t write most of her songs, so can we judge her based on her music? We don’t judge actors for playing bad guy roles in movies, so I don’t think it’s fair to say that singing a song about a gun makes you a violent murderer.  What do you think?


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