_By: Melody

Everyone knows and can see that celebrities have a lot of power over their fans. Whether it’s sports teams, superheros or singers, media plays a huge role in society. However, what if you read "Dude, Chris brown can punch me in the face as much as he wants to, just as long as he kisses it (:"

_Wouldn’t you think there is something seriously wrong? First of all, I would think that it’s common sense that if your partner hits you, that’s not a healthy relationship. Well, it seems like it’s not that simple. I forgot to take into account that love is blind. Yet, it also seems that not only is love blind, but fame and cute singers are okay to do anything as long as they make it up by kissing the bruises.

Just because someone is famous doesn’t make it okay to hit another person. People should never have the right to put their hands on another person just because of how much money they make, how they look and who they are. It’s Valentine’s Day, so please spread the love and the knowledge of a healthy relationship.


07/25/2012 17:40



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