By: Davina

February 1st until February 29th marks teen dating  violence awareness month. Some teens express there feelings to their partners in different ways. In this case some teens use violence to express their feelings. 

_Some warning signs to tell if your partner is abusive or may become abusive are

    •    Extreme jealousy
    •    Controlling behavior
    •    Quick involvement
    •    Unpredictable mood swings
    •    Alcohol and drug use
    •    Explosive anger
    •    Isolates you from friends and family
    •    Uses force during an argument               
    •    Shows hypersensitivity
    •    Believes in rigid sex roles
    •    Blames others for his problems or feelings
    •    Cruel to animals or children
    •    Verbally abusive
    •    Abused former partners
    •    Threatens violence

Some signs to tell if your friend may be in a abusive relationship are

    •    Physical signs of injury
    •    Truancy, dropping out of school
    •    Failing grades
    •    Indecision
    •    Changes in mood or personality      
    •    Use of drugs/alcohol
    •    Pregnancy
    •    Emotional outburst
    •    Isolation
Things like violence can make a relationship very unhealthy and can cause more that just physical damages. From personal experience, I know that it changes your life and could have a good or bad affect on you. For me it had both affects because after I got out of that violent relationship, I was violent to my partners. It took a while, but I learned to stop. Now I can share my experience with others to help prevent more teen dating violence.  


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Thank God I've never had a drunk or an abusive bf. Some girls can't make the difference between right and wrong, and that it extremely sad.

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I believe that parents play the most important role in this. They should teach their kids these kind of things.

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