By: Skyler 

I know at least half of the people reading this has had a best friend. A friend you’ve known since middle school and have been close with all the way up to high school, and feelings start to creep into your mind. You don’t know what to do, but you do know this could ruin your friendship with this person. At the same time, you could tell this person what you feel since you’ve known each other for so long! Which may have been most of your life.

How do you deal with this dilemma?

If you really feel you want to be with this person (your best friend), be direct, but don’t be aggressive about it, be smooth with it. Play around with the idea. Ask him/her to the movies, lunch or just something you guys would regularly do. See how that goes first, if it goes well keep flirting playfully and see where that goes. And if things get real like always on the phone or with each other, then take that step & ask your best friend to make it official.

If things start to feel awkward then play it off.  Note: Take your time with this. Don’t think this can happen over night or within two weeks. Like I said, be smooth.  And if she/he has someone else in mind at the time, then don’t continue to try, but be understanding. What I mean by that is don’t end up trying to be a homewrecker. It’s a lose-lose situation when it comes down to it, so just cool your jets and find someone else, or if you really feel like you need to tell that special person, rather than loosing them- Tell them. It may be tough at first, being that you two were really close, but you’ll be good. 



01/23/2013 17:19

This blog really intrigued me. It touched on a really important topic talking about how some relationships can either increase your friendship or mess it up. I love this blog. And I really agree with what Skyler said.


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