By: Joi Morgan

In this society, it seems like music has changed the mindset of our young generation. Men and Women had more regard for each other, and music had more meaning! Now and days  the younger generation is use to saying “I don't need no n**** “ or “ b*******  ain't s***”. When we think of the music me and my peers listen to now, we wonder where did these ideals of negativity between men & women, and young relationships come from? As we review some of the music from artist the younger generation listen to, it doesn't always make sense.

    Artist such as, Too Short, YG, Lil B, Lil Wayne, Webbie, Nelly, and Suga Free are prime example of how music can influence youth in a negative way. For example, YG’s 2010 hit single Toot it and Boot it  lyrics are sometime questionable while listening ... "I met her at the club, I said what sup, took her to the crib, and you know I f*****, yeah I toot  it and boot it.... toot it & boot it”. These lyrics are very precise on how he is clearly describing degrading the girl. But still songs with this type of mentality are played all the time, or danced to; with little regard to what the song lyrics suggest. 

In his songs he sends the message of "just having sex: with whomever he want's and simply moving on  to the next girl. This situation in the song is like someone calling people up by a ticket line. This behavior is not only disrespectful, but also is not right. We as young people went from listening to our parents Al Green "Let's stay together", to "I can't stand you" by r.o.d. We came from "Can I take you out tonight" Luther Vandross, to "Toot it & boot it" YG. It almost seems like all the love and respect  people had for one another is less expressed, and it shows in today's music. Let's get it back and make meaningful music that feeds our souls. We can make desions on what types of music we listen to, and there is a variety of music to pick from.

-  The Music that changed us MATTER'S to me.



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