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By: Shyra

What is the difference between the youth today and the youth from the earlier age (50's- 80's)? The difference is that the youth today have more academic challenges and the youth from the earlier age have more social challenges.

Imagine growing up in the 50’s. There was segregation in schools, no civil rights yet, more families who own small farms and more racial killings, hate crimes and injustices. Children from the 50’s of all races would enroll into college at the minimum age of 14. Now, let's fast forward back into the year of 2012. There is desegregation in schools, there are civil rights and more jobs are available. However, change has come, academic level requirements are more complex. So what does that mean? This means the bar has raised for all of us, but responsibility is an issue still.

Youth today may not be faced with as many social challenges as our elders were, but have a hard time developing endurance for a better future; due to the lack of education. Some youth notice the historical progress that lead them to there freedoms to make individual choices. For example, back in the days, children did better with following their parents orders because of the simple freedoms they may have gotten for say a home, or a pair of shoes; because they never were able to have those things before. Today in order for youth to get those most treasured possessions youth simply have to go to school, build social groups/class, do their house chores, and some more. Some youth have no understanding of their own potential and end up doing criminal acts!

Now in days  parents expect their kids to stay in school, get good grades, and to wash dishes sometimes and clean up our own rooms. We have it easier nowadays when it comes to home structure, but the problem is that there are less families abiding by that type of structure. Yes, everyone can not be the same because society has so many different people, with different morals & beliefs. It is clear that we have all come a long way, and also have more freedoms than many of our ancestors did at one point in time. Now we have the opportunity to have real paying jobs while in school, but some of our ancestors couldn't go to school, nor worked for enough to own an apartment; let alone a piece of  property!  Most of us are a little more in control with decision making in our youthful lives. There are many different ways to show our change in independence, but most of it has to do with how we were raised, then we ponder more of the history behind our current position. Youth deserve to understand their families history, but what matters more is that youth learn to love and understand themselves.

Today I believe Youth of all nationalities have the power and freedoms to make good independent decisions that may innovate their futures, though some youth don't. Growth and experience is all apart of the journey.  With the right education & by  knowing where we come from as people matters a lot, but what's more important is where we as individuals & as a people are going. We would like to understand that the freedoms to get jobs, education, and other luxury opportunity were not always easy to obtain as they may seem today. Today Youth do have more independence to make the change they want to see in the world.


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