By: Chris Pressley

Cheating is a very questionable and confusing topic. Just about everybody has their own meaning of cheating.  Some people think doing small things with someone other than your partner isn't cheating, while others may say doing big things with someone other than your partner is cheating.  I also have my own concept of what cheating is. I think cheating is basically doing almost anything you have to hide from your partner or wouldn’t do in front of your partner.

And those things are flirting, kissing, touching, sex, etc.  Even talking if your partner has told you he/she doesn’t want you talking to that person. For example, if your partner says “I don’t want you talking to him/her because I know they like you,” and you do it anyway would be considered cheating.

However, in some relationships the partners may allow cheating. When cheating is allowed, most of the time the relationship doesn’t last. In my opinion, people cheat because of temptation, they think it's cool to have more than 1 partner or their getting revenge on their partner for cheating on them.

Media today presents a lot of cheating disrespect to women so the audience thinks its okay to do because it’s on TV. Therefore, people sometimes cheat just because they can and want to see if their partner will tolerate it and they find out whether they can keep doing it or not.

-I’m Chris and having a partner that doesn’t cheat MATTER’S to me.


12/11/2012 00:48

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