by Shyra Gums

According to CNN, a company that reports U.S as well as world news, a story about Chris Brown renewing his friendship with Rihanna is considered to be and can be found under the category of “breaking news.”

Meanwhile, in Oakland, 7 people are killed within the first week of October. And what’s most unsettling about this is that most of the victims’ stories were not even reported on the local ABC 7 news report. Looking at stories being reported about everything from Chris Brown to Kardashians, while other more serious topics get little to no attention made me ask this question: Should news companies be taken seriously?

I don’t think so. I believe that may be one of the reasons teens grow up so focused on celebrity lives and drown themselves in reality shows. Young people need to be more aware of their surroundings and how to survive.

CNN’s reporting of the Chris Brown and Rihanna reconciliation may have something to do with their coverage of their 2009 domestic violence incident. However this is something that should not be followed 3 years later if all of the legal information, consequences, and confirmations have already been handled. If I had a message for news reporting companies, it would be to let these people go on with their lives and let them be known for who they are in their careers. And as for local stations like Kron 4 and ABC7, stick with news that is relevant and beneficial to our communities.


01/23/2013 17:23

im never waching cnn agen ill spred the word


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