by Derick Cade

Being a father comes with lots of responsibilities.  But most fathers don’t have what it takes to be a good one.  Some blame it on their own fathers not being in their lives but that never makes it okay for a man to abandon his child.  A lot of kids grow up fatherless and more often than not begin to look up to the men in their neighborhood who are selling drugs, involved in gang activities, or have a negative impact on their community in any way.  But why do they look up to them?  In my opinion it is because of the media taking things such as guns, cars, chains, women, and drugs and making them “cool.”  Some kids buy into it, while others choose a more positive road to success.

 Growing up without my father was tough, and I can imagine it is for other kids too. I think it’s also hard on the single mothers; there are only so many things a women can teach you, and without a father many pieces to the puzzle of becoming a man are missing.  Fathers that leave their families are not only a problem for their kids’ generation but for the next one as well. It’s kind of like a cycle and, depending on what choices the next son takes, it may never end.  A lot of kids still look up to their dad when they see that they have betrayed them and their family, but me personally I’m going to be the best dad I can be because I’ve seen what my father put my family through and I don’t want place my kids in the same situation. Sometimes I wonder why he’s not at home with us, or why can’t my dad play a big role in my life. But there nothing I can do.  Sometimes I want to call him and let him know how I feel, but remembering his constant lying keeps me from doing so.  I'm glad my kids won’t have to experience not having a dad.  


01/23/2013 17:11

completely true it takes a mature man to be a father & to be in his childs life


J'ai vu le père Noel !!! :))

02/11/2013 08:47

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02/18/2013 05:00

A large percentage of families in America and the West are now fatherless. In America, there are currently 24 million children being raised without a father at home. This will have a serious consequences down the road. It is extremelly important that children are united with their father.

02/23/2013 16:01

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