The world is sexist. Period. Nah, but for real people judge each other for any reason, and one of those things is gender. There are so many double standards, not to mention assumptions that people make. For example, men are expected to hold the door and pay for dinner, but really if people want equality people should take turns.

It’s strange to me the same women who expect men to do stuff for them, wouldn’t return the favor. They want to have equal rights to men, such as getting payed the same amount.

Also, there are some things that women and men can and can’t do. For instance, if a female sleeps around she is considered a hoe, but if a man does the same thing he is considered a player or complimented for it. There is hella media that banks on the fact that women are expected by society to make themselves look “better”. What I mean is, you really don’t see men buying things like makeup, but there are thousands of things they sell to women to make them look “better”.

There’s double standards to just about everything, for instance if a man hits a woman he is going to be called out for it. Everyone is going to say he is a terrible person, but if a woman hits a man a lot of people will be like, well he probably did something to deserve it. Men are considered terrible for hitting a women, where if a woman does it she doesn’t get nearly as much hate.

There are lots of things that segregate the different genders when kids are still little. For instance, when there are little kids a lot of adults tell the boys to play with trucks and building things. However, they turn around and tell the girls to play with dolls, making the girls automatically fit into the stereotype of the stay at home mothers, since they are trained to take care of a kid when they are little. The boys have toys that promote physical labor and construction which make them start to think they should do physical labor. This is why most people think men can do things like lifting and that women are weak.

I also think religion makes it seem that men are better since most of the stories have men doing great things and not too many great women. Throughout history men have been the leaders, and women have never really had power so equality for sexes is really a rather new idea in terms of how people think about it and think that it can actually be true.

Overall, there are many things that I think should be changed, and they are not going to change all by themselves. We need to do something about it. I think one way we can make a change is by treating people in a way we want to be treated. Also we should think about what we do and how other people would feel about it. For instance a girl would not want a man to expect them to always pay or open a door, and a man would not want a woman to expect them to always try to impress them with makeup.



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