By Derick C.

On March 20th, 2013 the Health Department interns presented their statements of wellness.  Wellness means to take responsibility for the quality of one’s life.  A statement of wellness could be a speech/poem, however you would like to express your opinion of wellness.  Many people had different ways that they expressed their meaning of wellness.  Some expressed it in video, some expressed it in words, the point is they showed their way of wellness.  Some people felt that writing helps express your feelings so that you won’t lash out on others, which could portray the opposite of wellness.  

Physical wellness is important in the workforce because if you have any physical disabilities you may be limited to do certain things.  Intellectual wellness is important in the workforce because if you don’t elaborate your mind then your mind won’t grow and you won’t  be open to learning new things. Examples of emotional wellness include being self-confidence, trustworthy, self-control etc.  Social Wellness is a big one.  Being socially well means you have the ability to cooperate with others and be productive with them, not causing any casualties.  Spiritual wellness has to do with being able to take a break if you are overwhelmed.  If you feel that you have trouble coping with a situation, take a couple minutes to meditate and breathe.  Occupational wellness doesn’t only include having a job, it means you are satisfied with what you do and enjoy building strong relationships with co-workers as well as avoiding gossip about co-workers to create a stronger environment.  A lot of people should really think about environmental wellness.  

As many think it just means taking care of the environment and not polluting the environment, it also could refer to pollution by gangs, drugs, poverty, etc.  All of the interns including these types of wellness in their statement, and I applaud them for doing so.          


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