by Chris B.

To me, a Healthy relationship is not only when one person loves and cares for their mate, but when the feeling is mutual. It’s when someone can point at their boyfriend or girlfriend and be proud to say that they date that person. When someone says the word love I just start thinking about cute pictures on FaceBook of couples wearing matching clothes and making kissy faces to each other. Or when you see a screenshot of a sweet message that one sent to the other. Some people that go to my school say that a healthy relationship is when they don't have a problem with money. I have had healthy relationships without spending 1 dollar or having to ask one another for money.

I would like a healthy relationship to be cute, sweet, loyal, truthful, and respectful. Growing up, I honestly never seen a “healthy” relationship because my parents split up when I was very young. Because of my environment, I witnessed a lot of “unhealthy” relationships.

Right now I am in a relationship with a girl that means the complete world to me. She always makes me happy and smile. Knowing that she loves me feels unimaginable, sometimes I think to myself “Why me?”  She can have any man that she desires but yet she’s with me, I guess I should just be happy that I’m the man that she thinks about and talks to before she goes to bed.

She told me that she’ll always be by my side but theres no way of telling if she is being honest or not. I hope she is, I promised her that I will take her on a romantic date one day. She asked me what type of romantic date? Of course I had to tell her but all I said was that in the morning I would take her to dennys and get a good breakfast, then I will take her to the movies during the day, after that I’ll take her to go watch the sunset at Alameda beach and we’ll just end the day like that.

I am very lucky to have her she gives me the confidence to do my homework and to do good in school. I know I can do that all by myself but with her confidence I feel like I can achieve more. Meeting her is the best thing that has happened to me lately, she has been a real influence in my life and I appreciate everything she does for me.

Most girls don't fit my standards but she is just perfect. She is all i want and all i need. She is the most talented girl I have ever met. I just feel very happy to call her MINE. She says that i'm the best thing to ever happen to her and I believe her. My brother always told me not to fall in love because love will make you do crazy things. I think he was right, and it’s okay.


The information was very helpful and saved a lot of my time.

05/20/2013 16:56

Healthy relationship is being honest and trusting..


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