by: Eli A.

Love is something that you cannot see. It is something you feel, but not physically. It’s really an emotion.

Love is really when you are past liking something or someone. It is a higher level of a relationship. When you are really in love you like the person for who they are and you are able to compromise with them. Also you feel good when you are with them; basically, you want to spend time with them because you feel good in their company.

When you only like that person for the material things that they have you are not in love with them, you might be in love with what they own. But most likely you just like what they own and are willing to take advantage of them or their feelings to get what you want. You can love someone that you do not want to be in a relationship with; like a friend, but you do not have any interest in being intimate with them. Then there’s love of a hobby, usually that means that you would always be happy doing that thing no matter when.

If you love someone you can usually do a lot of things with them and it will seem more fun or better because they are there. The funny thing about an emotion is that it can change in so many ways. Everyone experiences emotions differently, and for different reasons. If you and someone both love each other, you will have a great time together. It doesn’t matter if you have disagreements or argue, the thing that does matter is whether or not you are able to compromise and forgive afterwards. The level of love you have for someone or something can change over time, and that is normal and necessary for people to move on.

If you love somebody and don’t feel they show love back, just remember that love can come from anywhere, and you can get over anything or anyone you loved. There will always be more people or things you can love or who can love you.


09/19/2013 22:06

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Excellent! I can agree with Lombard, but that conclusion hit it dead on the bulls eye!


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