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My ex girlfriend always told me that I would never be anything if we broke up and since then, I have been trying to move past her negativity. How can I at least prove to myself, if not to her, that I can be independent?
My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months and now I’m 3 months pregnant with his baby. I feel like I’m not ready to have a baby because I’m only a sophomore in high school but he says that I can’t get rid of the baby because it’s his baby. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m too young and not ready for a baby. How do I tell him?

I have been going out with this guy for like 3 months and he is hella sweet to me, buys me hella things, and always takes me to get my nails done and stuff. Sometimes, though, he is really mean to me and tells me I’m stupid, but he always apologizes. Now he is saying that if I really love him, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help him and out and be there for him. I do love him, but some of the things he asks me to do makes me really uncomfortable. What should I do?
I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year but every time he drinks or smokes, I break up with him. He broke promises to me 3 times about not smoking and after the 4th promise he did stop. He hasn’t smoked since but recently he went to a party and he drank and I found out. It made me not be with him but now he keeps begging me to get back together and promising that he won’t do it anymore. He feels really bad but I think I lost the feelings I had for him. What should I do?
My boyfriend lives in Mexico and I live in Cali. I’ve been waiting for 2 years but it’s getting really annoying because all he does is lie over the phone and he never answers and all he does is tell me all kinds of rude stuff. He says he’s coming back but I really don’t believe him. What should I do? Should I wait around a couple more months or should I find someone else and just be his friend? From Apple Valley, Ca
My boyfriend and I broke up recently. We were together for 4 yrs and we have a child together. The reason it ended was because I was unfaithful and I also think a lack of communication. My boyfriend would never like to hang out with me or even spend time with me and my daughter. When we both had our days off all he wanted to do is play video games. The thing that would get me upset is that whenever his friends invited him somewhere he would be there in a second. Whenever I would tell him “lets go out” he would say "You know I’m not the type that likes to go out". It’s frustrating and I think that’s the reason I cheated on him. He would pay attention to my sister’s looks but if I tried something new on myself he would say "why are you wearing that". That would really hurt my feelings, because I wanted him to look at me the same way he looked at other girls. Now that we are no longer together I miss him sooo much. He left me because I cheated 3 times. What should I do, move on? Does this mean I didn’t love him because I cheated so many times? I feel terrible inside.
Is it wrong to get back with someone who broke your heart just to break theirs?
Ok so me and my boyfriend have been off and on for almost a year now and I love him with everything I have. Before he was a guy that played games and always, always broke my heart. But now that we are back together for the 5th time he’s saying he is really trying...I mean he met my parents and I can see he is but I’m not sure if I should believe him or just count the day till he messes up again…help???
I hooked up with this guy and it was supposed to be a secret but he started telling other football players and so I told my friends and now he's telling everyone I'm a fake, and a liar, and a ho. He won't talk to me except to cuss me out. It's getting ridiculous. What do I do?
My boyfriend hates when I talk to this one certain guy because we had a thing going on before. I don't want to stop talking to this guy so I do it behind my boyfriend's back. What should I do?

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