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My boyfriend has had sex with a lot of people and I lost my virginity to my ex-girlfriend, she’s the only person I’ve ever been with.  I want him to get tested for STI’s and HIV before we get intimate but he keeps telling me he can’t possibly have HIV because he’s never had anal sex and I don’t have anything to worry about because everything else is curable and it’s like catching a cold.  I don’t believe curable STD’s are like catching a cold but I’m kind of worried.  Am I overreacting or should I be worried about it all?

Well, I like this kid but he has a girlfriend. He tells me he likes me as well but in the back of my head I know he's with her. I don't want to be mean and ruin what they have going on but I like him a lot. He flirts with me and we're supposed to hang out this week. HELP!
Well I’m bi and I’m going out with a guy and girl. I have noticed that my bf always wants to be with my gf and I’m starting to wonder what is going on! And also he spends more time with his friends then me. I give him his space but he also has to spend time with me right?! Well he is really starting to change but he doesn’t want to admit it. We have been fighting a lot and I don’t like that! Can u guys help me? I am under a lot of stress!

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