19 year old Rayana Godfrey calls for help. After learning the average age of girls who enter the field of sex work, she decided a call for action must be made. We need you to make a change.
Rumors can cause problems, especially at work. Watch to see the different forms of aggression.
Rapper brags about how he doesn't use protection and does not care about STDs. Another reason to stay protected.
Vonna is confronted at work by her boyfriend accusing her of cheating infront of her co-workers. Watch the drama unfold.
BOM411's BaySic second episode- what do the girls have to say about D's away message?

The Ex



Rico is waiting for his girlfriend Nicole, as he waits, his ex-girlfriend spots him in the park. Let's see what happens.
Safe sex is a way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. But it’s not only about prevention. We also spend a lot of time thinking about how to support HIV+ people and how common myths & stereotypes about HIV hurt not just people living with the disease, but hurt us all.

It's July is National HIV Awareness month, here is part four of the five part series about HIV Myths & Stereotypes, Youth Visions of Healing from HIV & a piece memorializing loved ones who passed from AIDS.  We produced & edited these pieces as part of a team effort with two classes at Oakland High School, along with some special contributions from a youth group in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Big thank you’s go out to all the youth who shared their skills! Special thanks to Tara Asciutto & Eric Bagabengani for leading the collaborating groups.