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I recently have seen the new movie, Precious. At first I didn’t want to see this movie because I thought it would be boring or just another life story. Fortunately my mom and grandma wanted to go see the movie and wanted me to come along too. At first I was like nah, you all could go, but I ended up having nothing else to do. When we got to the movie theatre and the movie started I was still in the same mood like I don’t want to see it, but as soon as the movie started I got right into it. Read More

Usher…Gotta let it burn

Jasmeen provides us with a reflection on some of Usher's most popular songs. Read More

Toni Braxton Still Got It

How did you feel about Toni Braxton's PDA with Trey Songz at the Soul Train Awards? Shakiyla lets us know how she feels. Read More

LOL Smiley Face

Doesn’t a simple text make your day sometimes? Doesn’t it make you feel important or loved? Knowing that the person YOU care the most is thinking about you?  Read More

Computer Love

Texting, camera phone, video phone, skype, myspace, facebook and so many more are all technologies that can be both positive and negative to your relationships. Sheila provides you with her opinion on issue of Computer Love. Read More

Who’s supposed to supply the condom?

Who is supposed to supply the condoms in a relationship? Mario brings you a males perspective on the matter. Read More

Whose it On…?

Whose responsibility is it to bring the condom? I think that it is both partners responsibility to bring a condom. The first reason why I think it is both partners responsibility to bring a condom is because they both know what they are about to do.  Read More

How to Come Correct

Pay attention folks! Tired of the same old game when trying to pursue a romantic interest? Sheila puts you up on how to come correct... Read More

Square Biz

Who knew Tiger had it in him? Read More

Bay Life

Today I watched a hilarious YouTube series called Bay Life. This series is based on many different topics and concepts. I watched about three videos of this series. The first video I watched was called, Bay Life: Liquor Store. The main character is very lost, but in a comic way. Read More

Hannah Montana is Doing the Most

Miley Cyrus dating a 21 year old? Is this relationship justified simply because she is an actress? Read More

Vampire Lover

Please someone give me a vampire lover!!  Read More

B.O.M Skate Event- Fontana Skate park 11/15/09

The most memorable part about the event in my opinion was the wind. I checked the weather on my phone and it said the winds were about 40 mph; it was amazing to me how many people showed up and actually participated in the trick contest. Read More

Nothing Against Miley

Can we get it together? Read More

I’m Not Afraid to Commit

The other day after school there were fake wedding ceremonies. So my boyfriend and I decided that we should participate. Therefore, straight after school we headed for the altar. Read More

How to Put Young(er) People Up on Game

My little sister is 13 years old and the stuff she is going through I didn’t even know about till I was in high school. I try to be a good big sister and not be judgmental because after all, who am I to call the kettle black when I am doing a lot of the stuff she is. But there is a difference: I am 18 and she is 13. Read More

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