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A heartfelt Explanation

Rihanna explanation is so heartfelt. You can see and feel the pain she went through during and after the relationship.  Read More

F—- Love

After being beaten and going back, she suddenly realize that an abusive relationship can end in death and is not something that she wanted. Returning time after time because he apologizes. Read More


Oprahís decision has left many people calling her, what else, but a hypocrite! Read More

Rihanna Takes Responsibility

I agree that Rihanna deserves better and I'm glad she takes her influence on young people seriously. Read More

Michelle Obama Drops BOM Words of Wisdom

Michelle Obama drops some BOM words of wisdom about dating. Read More

Rihanna is Ready to Tell Her Side

Rihanna is ready to tell her side of the story, and tomorrow at 7 am on Good Morning America, she will. Read More

Bom Beats and Lyrics

Friday October 9, 2009 was the first annual BOM beats and lyrics event. Preparing for this event was lots of fun. Read More

My First week with BOM

Iím now an official BOM Ambassador. So far since I have been here, all the original BOM Ambassadors have welcomed me with open arms. I have been enjoying myself a lot. Read More

Recently NPR (National Public Radio) spoke about teen dating violence in relationships and what they

Recently NPR (National Public Radio) spoke about teen dating violence in relationships and what they felt helpful for prevention. They mentioned that Schools around the country are now providing programs to educate teens on such violence. Then the story went on to tell of programs that are working there best to lower this alarming amount. All of this is very important however itís a shame that they failed to point out any teenagers working to prevent teen dating violence.  Read More

Mario And Monica hit the streets

the B.O.M Ambassadors hit the streets in order to further promote the B.O.M Beats and Lyrics Contest Read More

Out reach never been so fun

who every knew outreach could be so fun. We split up in groups yesterday to spread the word about the beats and lyrics contest. so me and tiara went to Berkeley Read More

Is Happily Ever After really only in Disney fairytales?

Is Happily Ever After really only in Disney fairytales? During our Monday meeting the topic of fairytales came up and boy oh boy it caused a mess. It seems like most people do not believe in happily ever after. The world has become so cold and corrupted that it is harmful for little kids to watch fairytales! This I cannot believe.  Read More

Friends that are the B.O.M

When i am feeling down are feeling like there is no one in the world that is going support me i know i can count of the to remind me that i am the boss of me Read More

B.O.M Launch Party

After what feels like a million years we finally launched our website Read More

Chris Brown Disses Oprah

This Just In!!! Chris Brown Disses Oprah...  Read More

BOM Ambassadors go to Sacramento!!!

Making ad campaign is harder than it looks. With the casting, taking pictures, coming up with a storyline and then editing it takes team effort. Apparently it is one of those things you must do in order to fully appreciate it. BOM went to Sacramento for violence against women forum. Can you say excited!  Read More

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