by Tierra M.

I don't feel that it has ever been right for a woman, man, or even a child to feel like they have to sell their body because they have no other way to get any money. It doesn’t make any sense for them to just be sent to jail; that alone doesn’t solve anything.

All it does in my eyes is make them feel like less of a person. Where is the lesson in that? They have to be taught that there are other ways; more positive ways to get money.

by Elizabeth M.

A new single has come out. It's called "Dirty Laundry' by Kelly Rowland. Rowland sings about her experience with abuse in the past, as well as her moments of jealousy.

Many have accused Rowland of being jealous of her former Destiny's Child singing partner, Beyonce. She says in her song, "While my sister was on the stage killin' it like a motherf***er / I was enraged, feeling it like a motherf***er."

by Rayana Godfrey

If you'd asked my opinion on long-distance relationships a few years ago, my answer would've been something along the lines of, "they never work." I would probably laugh in your face, and go on with my day. 

As harsh as that sounds, I thought I was right. I believed that attempting to dedicate yourself to someone you couldn't see frequently was a very foolish idea. But now, I've changed my mind.

by Eli A.

Love is something that you cannot see. It is something you feel, but not physically. It’s really an emotion.

Love is really when you are past liking something or someone. It is a higher level of a relationship. When you are really in love you like the person for who they are and you are able to compromise with them. Also you feel good when you are with them; basically, you want to spend time with them because you feel good in their company.

by Chris B.

To me, a Healthy relationship is not only when one person loves and cares for their mate, but when the feeling is mutual. It’s when someone can point at their boyfriend or girlfriend and be proud to say that they date that person. When someone says the word love I just start thinking about cute pictures on FaceBook of couples wearing matching clothes and making kissy faces to each other. Or when you see a screenshot of a sweet message that one sent to the other. Some people that go to my school say that a healthy relationship is when they don't have a problem with money. I have had healthy relationships without spending 1 dollar or having to ask one another for money.


By Derick C.

On March 20th, 2013 the Health Department interns presented their statements of wellness.  Wellness means to take responsibility for the quality of one’s life.  A statement of wellness could be a speech/poem, however you would like to express your opinion of wellness.  Many people had different ways that they expressed their meaning of wellness.  Some expressed it in video, some expressed it in words, the point is they showed their way of wellness.  Some people felt that writing helps express your feelings so that you won’t lash out on others, which could portray the opposite of wellness.  


By Eli A.

The world is sexist. Period. Nah, but for real people judge each other for any reason, and one of those things is gender. There are so many double standards, not to mention assumptions that people make. For example, men are expected to hold the door and pay for dinner, but really if people want equality people should take turns.

It’s strange to me the same women who expect men to do stuff for them, wouldn’t return the favor. They want to have equal rights to men, such as getting payed the same amount.

By: Alexis T.

So Alicia Keys released her CD “Girl On Fire” and there’s ONE song I like on the CD, “When Its All Over.” I like the song mainly because of the beat, and also the meaning. She is basically saying when the world is over at least she’s got to love and care for that person.

"When they lay me down/Put my soul to rest/When they ask me how I spent my life At least I got to love you When it's all over When it's all said and done."

by Jahlil J.

I want to start off by saying that money is a very essential thing in life, which is something that most people fail  to realize. I hate when folks say cliches such as "money is the root of all evil" or "money isn't everything." Though I can kinda agree with the last statement, comments of that nature bring me to ask questions like “without money how would you eat? How would you provide shelter for yourself? How would you be able to afford basic things a person needs like shoes and clothes?”.

by Kailynn S.

Sex can be a beautiful thing, but as soon as you make the mistake of not using protection, it may ruin your life forever . Protection, such as condoms, can prevent EVERYTHING a teenager might not want. These things could include everything from a child to a sexually transmitted infection.