Boss Of Me - BOM411
My boyfriend won't hangout with me unless I'm taking him out somewhere, spending money on him. Does that mean he doesn't really like me?
_Me and my boyfriend are getting less time to spend with each other. School just started and I'm already getting piles of paper work. And my boyfriend had to move his work schedule in order to fit his classes. So now we barely see each other and I'm scared we'll have so little time together and slowly break apart. I know that if the love is strong, then we'll find a way to make it work. I believe we can make it work, I just don't know how.
_My boyfriend broke up with me this New Years. He said it's a new year and he wants to start fresh. He's tired of the fighting, the stress of thinking for two and just having a girlfriend in general. I understand why he decided to leave me behind for the new year, but I feel if you want to have a better year shouldn't you have a strong support. I've been here for 8 months now. My boyfriend saying he wants a better year without me, makes me feel as if he doesn't love me enough to want to be with me. I just feel like this was a bad reason to break up. I can't make him stay, but how can I start of with a good year, when the person I planned to spend it with doesn't want to be with me?
My boyfriend and I are having issues and I have decided to break up with him. He cheated on me, so he should see this coming. But it's around the holidays and my family is excepting him to show up to all the gatherings. They even bought him presents. What should I do? Should I break up with him now, to save all the drama? Or should I stay with him to avoid the question of where's your boyfriend at?
My boyfriend doesn't want to use condoms, he say the feeling doesn't feel good. I agree and I want to pleasure my boyfriend, but I’m afraid. I’m only sixteen, in high school and still dependent on my parents. What should I say to my boyfriend so he won’t be mad at me for wanting to use condoms?
I have been dating my girlfriend for about a year now, but she says that she is still not ready for me to meet her parents.  I think that’s because her parents might not accept me as her boyfriend.  But I have decided it’s time and that I am going to meet her parents anyways. My girlfriend says she somewhat agrees, but how can I bring up this issue with my girlfriend without pushing her limits? And how do I make sure a meeting with her parents goes as smoothly as possible?
I have this new guy I've been dating for some time now. He has met my mother and now I feel like she thinks his the one for me. She wants me to marry him, she has already planned the wedding. But I’m starting to realize that I don’t like him as much anymore, it’s moving a little too fast for me. I think we should get to know one another more, but I kind just want to break up with him. My mom is a little to controlling of the relationship. What should I do? Or how do I tell my mom that I want to explore this relationship without her?
I want to go to a party with my boys. My girlfriend does not want me to go. She is threatening to break up with me if I go.  What should I do? Stay or go?
 Is it ever okay to just repeatedly keep forgiving your partner, if there is constant unhealthy behavior going on? Like consistent cheating, no communication, or abuse?
My boyfriend and I have been broken up for about  two months. He's going out with one of my friends now. It doesn't bother me that he's dating, it just annoys me that it's one of my friends. My other friends tell me the reason I care is because I still like him. But how can I move on, when my friend is dating him?