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Hey! Me and my boyfriend went out for a year and a half, we were great friends to begin with and I went out with him because of the same reasons I became friends with him and they stayed the same. But he broke up with me 3 weeks ago and I did the whole crazy thing to him before I was able to get myself together. After I calmed down, I told him a break up was the best thing for us to do and Iím ok with it now. Do you think itís safe to be good friends again like in the beginning or did we ruin it by going out?? Please help me, I really think he is a great guy, heís always there for me as a friend and I donít want him out of my life completely. What do I do? Or what do you think is going to happen? Or what went wrong or something? I need answers pretty please.

The BOM Ambassadors say

Itís really mature of you to want to be friends even though your relationship didnít work out. At the same time, that can be complicated since breaking up doesnít mean the end of your feelings for each other. If youíre comfortable being friends with him and having him in your life like that than you should just be careful and donít let it go to that next level. Remember that you canít go back to the friendship you had before, because your relationship has changed and youíre both in different places now but that doesnít mean you canít pick up where you are and build a strong friendship again.

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ITs safe

yes its nothing wrong with it , if you guys can handle it.

The BOM Ambassadors say

Right. Things happens. You guys will argue and get over it.

it depends how you two feeel. If its comfortable then yes, but don’t force it

The BOM Ambassadors say

Right never force anything that's just NOT supposed to be. All bad.

I think u could be friends just as long as both of u have absolutely no feelings there for each other.

i think u shouldnt cuz wat if he still likes u den hes gun get jealous u da guy ur talkin bout

If you want to be friends, then its up to him and how he feels. Its dependant on each relationship.

Nope cus your new bf wont like it

The BOM Ambassadors say

The new boyfriend doesn't have to know.

if you are comfortable with it then yes but if you want to get over him/her then its better to move on

The BOM Ambassadors say

Be friends when you're ready to be friends.

BONE!! It helps everything ;D

The BOM Ambassadors say

You're hella funny!!!!!!! LOL

It is fine as along as u guys know that u r friends and thats it. Also as long as u or him dont get jealous of ur signifigant other

The BOM Ambassadors say

Couldn't had said it better!

yes its nothing wrong with it if you guys can handle it

Depends on ur maturity levels. N how deep the relationship went.

The BOM Ambassadors say

This is true. If you guys can overcome it, you will over come it.

No its definately okay if your completely over each other! If you both are usually yu become great friends cuz You kno more about each other.

yeah friends are totally ok to be.

The BOM Ambassadors say

Yeah. It would be awkward if y'all wasn't friends.

if you can both respect that it didnt work out for a reason it can work. but you must make sure there are no more romantic feelings between the both of u

The BOM Ambassadors say

This is such a mature response!!

Yea its safe unless you still have felling for them

no you can still be your ex friend. It is good to socialize with your ex after a brake up depending on the condition but i think you should stay friends

You can b good friends with ur ex…...It all depends on u guys

..yall ruined it ...its never gone be the same unless yall trying to make it work

Ruined it n akward

The BOM Ambassadors say

Maybe not. If they were good friends than they should be able to work it out.

i think its a good thing because its better unless you guys got into a big fight but from experience its better to be friends…

The BOM Ambassadors say

Right. You are still young so live it up. Your picking pool is still large so don't trip.

U ruined it.

The BOM Ambassadors say

Not all the way ruined. Maybe she still has a chance if they were great friends as said.

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