Boss of Me

What is BOM?

BOM is teens helping other teens dial down the drama in relationships.  We know that whether you're just kickin it, figuring out how you feel, if you're in like or deep in love, things get complicated. BOM can help.

Who are the BOM Ambassadors

An ambassador is an authorized messenger or representative. We are regular teens who have been selected to promote the BOM message.  BOM Ambassadors are here to help you deal with the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship. We attend weekly workshops and trainings about healthy and unhealthy relationships so we understand the topic from a professional perspective and we know where you're coming from. We have all been through and seen good and bad relationships and we know how hard it is to keep yours solid even before you bring in MySpace, Facebook, AIM and all that. This page introduces you to the people that are answering your questions. Check us out and feel free to ask questions anytime.